Starting a Bullet Journal: The Basics

So, you're thinking about starting a Bullet Journal, or you've already opened a notebook but are completely overwhelmed by the tags on Instagram or Pinterest and don't know where to start. Well, I’m here to help you get started with the very basics of a Bullet Journal!

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Week 27-28 2020 Spread

With my first weekly spread in my new journal, I do admit I've gone slightly off-piste! As I split the week starting June 29th into two, I left myself a bit of an issue; either I did half-week spread to start with or think of something different. I went for a different option. As this... Continue Reading →

July 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

This is my first month in my new journal! It arrived from Archer & Olive just in time so July's spread is the first time it's been used in anger (apart from the main journal- which I mostly copied across from the earlier spreads I blogged about.) I’ll go on about how lovely the paper... Continue Reading →

Week 27 2020 Spread

We’re halfway through the year! As I’ve mentioned previously, I am switching to a new journal come the start of July so instead of doing a weekly spread that splits itself between the two months, I’ve decided to just do a simple two-day spread to finish off June. It’s really fitting that this is when... Continue Reading →

Week 26 2020 Spread

Week 26! Officially then, once this week is over we’re halfway through the year (and where on earth has it gone!) I’ve now finished working in the UK and my last couple of weeks left are dedicated to packing, cleaning and generally attempting to get organised. I threw this spread together in about five minutes... Continue Reading →

Week 24 2020 #afterthepen

Lots of things checked off my to do list last week which is always satisfying! I also crossed a few things off as I’ve decided that I’m going to leave until I’m finished work as trying to get packing done when we’re still using everything is pretty tricky. I had my last day in the... Continue Reading →

Week 25 2020 Spread

First of all, apologies for not posting since last Tuesday! I was due to post one of the spreads from my new Journal but as stated last week, I’m just really not feeling the journal I was due to move to so I’m waiting for the second one I’ve ordered to arrive! Right AN over,... Continue Reading →

Week 23 2020 #afterthepen

Another busy week! I finally started physically packing and got one box done (after unpacking and repacking it for weight issues!) which is nice, although now I'm wondering how on earth I'm going to fill up my other boxes without going over the weight limits- as it's the heavy stuff like crockery I've not touched!... Continue Reading →

Week 24 2020 Spread

A new spread! This one I spotted on Instagram and really liked the fact that it was simple and had enough room for both a to do list and for a ‘next week’ box, both of which are musts for me on a weekly spread. I’m really getting close to the end of my current... Continue Reading →

May Bullet Journal Summary

So here are my monthly trackers for May now that the month is over! I really like how all the little bees look now the sleep tracker is completed, and honestly they weren’t that difficult to draw in every day- honestly pretty good practice for my very poor drawing skills. Lots of days ticked off... Continue Reading →

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